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Reading reviews and decided to go with Warranty Direct for my 2012 Audi A8 completed everything and made the initial payment 2 weeks ago and today got a phone call that underwriters denied coverage for my Audi WTF is all I can say, inform your sales staff that you don't insure Audi's so we don't hang around to get told 2 - 3 weeks later get Lost we don't wan't you what a way to do biz. Why this dog and pony show with your sales guys and they don't even know what cars to insure. The big thing is that at the time of purchase the car still had... Read more

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I had a O2 sensor replaced and i witnessed the authorization of the parts and labor. When the repair was done the provider was told that payment would be slow, so i agreed to pay the bill and get reimbursed from WD. After waiting 3 weeks and no check i called and was told first that they didnt know they were to send a check to me (though i witnessed the agreement) Then they said they didnt get the invoice and i needed to send in mine. Finally they said there was a discrepency between the shops invoice (which they earlier stated they didnt get)... Read more

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Called to ask questions about my policy, agent was very rude she spoke to me as if I was interrupting her day, she didn't want to provide me with any info about my policy, she told me she would email me info she couldn't explain what type of policy I had, when I asked to speak with a manager she got upset, told me someone will call be back ( yeah right) Add comment

Just recently I need a new fuel pump on my 2011 Nissan Altima. It was approved the next day with no questions asked. About a year earlier the AC compressor went out and it was also replaced. With the fuel pump alone the warranty paid for it's self and more. I was very skeptical about buying a service warranty after reading all the bad reviews. I took a chance and it has paid off. *********** ********* ********** ********* ********** ****** ********* ******** ********** ********* ******** **** *************** ********** ******** ***********... Read more

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I called for a quote on pre-owned car which has 48k miles. The price on the quote changed 4 times in 4 days...I was given a discount then it was taken away. I added the electronics pkg. then lost discount. I was then told if I finance I would get $150 off..when new quote came it was higher than original with no discount...I feel like I was being taken advantage of...I am so angry. I would have bought the warranty but price was so inconsistent I could not commit. Read more

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I bought warrant direct in 2004 as an extended warranty for my new Toyota Sienna. shortly after the manufacturers warranty ran out I turned out to have problems that involved a new front end. so glad i had warranty direct. don't know the details because my husband handled it. brought it to dealer's service dept and they repaired it and submitted the bill to warranty direct. we only paid the deductible (I think it was only $50), and only once on the entire repair which included a host of parts. only recently sold that car. never had any other... Read more

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What a sorry company. Will not buy another warranty from this company. Sorry sorry company. Add comment

Warranty Direct goal is to keep your money and pay for nothing. You cannot speak directly to a manager. They will call back from a blocked number. You are putting your money in the trash if you buy a warranty from them. I bought a warranty for $2900 that was to cover me in the event of costly repairs.I got the coverage in 2013 and my car was been in the shop three times and it is now 2016. Every claim has been denied for some technical reason. Put your money in a savings account instead of paying them at least you will know you will have some... Read more

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This is post is for anyone who currently and in the past who's had issues with Direct Buy Warranty. Like all the consumers posting negative experiences with DBW, I had a personal experience as well. I purchased a warranty in June of 2014. The nightmare began when I filed for first claim. Claims department had the Service Advisor at station on hold for over 30 minutes. I took my car in at 11A.M and was there until close waiting for DBW to authorize work to be performed for FAN that went out on my car. It wasn't until I filed a complaint with... Read more

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Back in June I purchased a warranty on two of my truck I ask bobby wheeler 5 time if the head gaskit went out on my 6.0 ford he said yes if the heads went to the shop to get a valve job.A shop call them and told them it had bad head gaskits they were told it was not cover so we took it to another shop to get a second opinon they call warranty direct they said it was not cover because someone else called before them and now they took 467 dollar out of the 626 I pay them do not buy this warranty they will not pay for anything Read more

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