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What's my drive shaft snapped at the yolk, I filed a claim and they told me that my drive shaft was not covered, but the drivetrain is covered, I've been working on cars for years and I have always thought that the drive shaft was a part of the drivetrain I informed them that without the drive shaft the drivetrain is not complete, I was told that the engine was covered and all its internal parts the rear end was covered the transmission was covered and the drive axles were covered, but the drive shaft was not covered which none of the rest of the stuff move the vehicle without the drive shaft. My second issue is with the same vehicle my supercharger has a problem on my 2007 Harley Davidson truck when I purchase the contract I purchased the good one that covered all of that and it says in the contract that superchargers are covered but when I filed a claim now they're trying to tell me that the VIN# Doesn't show THE Supercharger, I fax them a copy of the original Dealer window sticker showing all the upgrades that it had on the vehicle when it was first sold and a Note that the manufacturer had on the window sticker that says all vehicles are considered standard in spite of upgrades.

And they still say oh that it was not put on there when the vehicle was produced and it was aftermarket, so I gave them all documentation showing that the vehicle was sold with the supercharger on it show them the date that it was put in the vehicle which was 6/07 and the vehicle's date of first being sold as February 2008 so it was with the dealer when it was put on the Vehicle next thet came back and told me oh no when the vehicle was manufactured they did not put the supercharger on there and it was an after-market part but Saleen is a part of the supercharger package for the Harley Davidson F-150 truck, I told them that since ford does not Make their own Parts all parts are cinsidered OEM Aftermarket.

I also told them that the VIN number doesn't show that the vehicle has a starter but you know it has a starter nor does it show that it has headlights but you know they don't sell them without lights. Warranty direct is a bunch of ***, and I discourage anyone from getting warranty from them

Review about: Warranty Direct Auto Claim.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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