I went on their web site to get some information ... I specifically said "email or text me" and they keep calling me on the phone.

I do not answer the VM and they still call. The don't get: A NON RESPONSE IF A ***NO**** ! Would never ever get anything from them after this.

Today I happen to pick up the phone and I said "I am on Do NO call list --- please take me off." I hope that is the end of it.

And why do I have to type 100 words when I only needed 84 to say what I had to say. Sheeeesh !

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Hurley, New York, United States #307010

email us at feedback@warrantydirect.com with your contact # and request to be put on the DNC list.


I worked there before....its a great company...they do not call people unless you give your number..you could have easily left a fake number and got a quote..sounds like your a little harsh there bro

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