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I thought I was buying "peace of mind" but instead I spent 1800 for a warranty that so far hasn't covered a single thing that has happened to my car. Each time it covers a "related item" but not what was needed.

E.I., my computer in the transmission failed, but it doesn't cover that unless its damaged by a transmission failure. So I guess it's better to let the transmission get damaged by the computer failure to shift properly so then they would have to replace the whole thing. I am disappointed with them and would never never every recommend them to anyone - not even to cover a tricycle because I'm sure they would find a way to wiggle out of whatever happened to it.

So for me its been a total waste of money and hopefully their "loop holes" will tighten around this company and people will read the contract Very very very carefully first and don't believe what they sell you as peace of's sure hasn't been that!!! So up to you but read the contract carefully before you buy - buyer beware!!!!!

Review about: Warranty Direct Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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Google Warranty direct ripoffs and you will get a mountain of negative replies.

WD says you can go to any Ford dealer for repairs but they only pay a fraction of the actual cost asying"They have a set price that they will pay for specific repairs".

If you belong to a credit Union they offer extended warranties and they put their reputation on the line.

Warranty Direct is a shady outfit.

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