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I began a policy with them September of 2010 and have the so-call"Premium Policy".And I still owe about 3 moths on the policy!!!--but yet when my wheel bearings need replacing,I call them and they tell me to take the car to the repair shop January 30th,2011 and I leave it then hours later get a call saying my account was"Frozen"and it would be Tuesday Jan.2012(this is typed on January 31st morning)before this matter could be resolved!!!!Whoa,so it appears my money has been stolen by this company and my time wasted totally.I want this matter resolved and I want the money back that I've paid them prior and my time wasted should also be factored.

Keep in mind I STILL OWE them for and 18 month policy.

That takes onions of steel and is corrupt beyond my imagination.How are they allowed to exist as a company?Scam artists are Warranty Direct.

Review about: Warranty Direct Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $1665.

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Don,t understand how these states, they are allowed to do business in allow them to keep selling warranties an not stand behind what they sell. You have to keep sending in complaints to your Secretary of state and Attorney General.

They must be licensed in each state before they can do business in that state.

IN my state( Louisiana) it,s the Sec. of State who provides that license.


They did finally pay up but I learned a lesson,my time was still wasted by the damned lie they told that I"Canceled"my policy 3 months before it was paid in full and all the other complaints I see against this company.Oh yeah the dates were in December not January.A sour experience to say the least and I will never recommend this company to anyone other than a enemy.I still wasted a day that I'll never get back.

Hurley, New York, United States #402276

What is your contract number. I'd like to review this.

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