Warranty Direct will low ball the hours allowed for a job. They will correct only after calls to a manager. They offer 60% vs full price on a part referencing a national price list which after research, does not exist. After literally hours on the pone, I was paid for the part. Then it took over 4 months to get a check. My claim passed from desk to desk and getting lost.

I just submitted a second claim. My faxed invoice already lost once, I am on second try for payment. Stay tuned.

I will never deal with this company again. Save your money, Warranty Direct is not worth the agony.

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What ever happened to honesty? Why can't I get a simple extended car warranty without all this hassle?

What do I do? :(

Atlanta, Indiana, United States #174997

Unfortunately we were both ripped off by this company. I really think it is part of their business plan to deny everything and lose faxes.

All we can do is go to the BBB and maybe hope for a class action lawsuit against them (Even though we will only get a few dollars, at least hopefully they will go out of business and stop screwing customers)

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