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I purchased a policy for my Honda Civic Hybrid last year, mainly because I was told that my hybrid battery was covered, even though the policy says batteries are not covered. The sales rep said that was referring to the regular battery, not the hybrid battery.

Well, the hybrid battery died last week, so I filed a claim and they denied it. This is the second major repair that they have refused to cover.

Earlier this year my EGR valve needed to be replaced, and they denied this because they said it was part of the exhaust system.

These guys are a total ripoff. I wonder if there is anything on the car they will actually cover.

Review about: Warranty Direct Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Sorry I did not notice that there was a direct response from Warranty Direct on 12/2. I have contacted customer service and they have told me that it doesn't matter what the sales rep told me verbally, they will not cover the hybrid battery replacement.

I appreciate your offer to pull the call. Do you have the authority to authorize my claim if indeed your sales rep did misrepresent the coverage of this item?

If so, please email me directly at and I will provide you with the policy and claim numbers. Thanks.

Doctor H


I had a zero deductible "premium policy" on my Corvette. I never used it in five years. When I had a claim that came to $3000, they only approved $1400 and left me holding the bag for $1600.

They refused to send an inspector out to verify the extra labor was needed to complete the job. They make money by running a shell game with their customers.

Hurley, New York, United States #384372

Please contact our customer service department with your policy #. Call toll free at 800-621-2783

I would like to pull your call and see what you were told on the phone because hybrid batteries are indeed not covered.

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