I payed for a warranty that covers my coolant system engine trans. Etc.

for 2800, I took my car up to the shop because my car was leaking antifreeze, so they denied my claim because they misunderstood the mechanic they thought it was rusted than denied my claim because they didnt cover that type of radiator than why take money for something you dont cover..

This company is so dirty I thought maybe the peoe that were complaining maybe were doing something wrong, but they were right COMPLETE SCAM PEOPLE. Please consider someone else its crazy how many people they lose a minute and now I canceled my plan as well.

Review about: Warranty Direct Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $2800.

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I dunno... here seem to be a lot of people who feel ripped off.

Saying that they don't cover this type of radiator sounds like a *** job.

I just saw their commercial and was checking out the reviews. I think I'll avoid this company WD like the plague.!!


So did you contact WD and/or your mechanic in an attempt to clarify the mis-communication?

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