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This company wears you down so that you want to give up on ever getting your car back. My car went into the shop on April 26.

On April 27 I was told that I need transmission work. Warranty Direct took two weeks to make the decision, then shipped a used transmission with a cut harness. Two weeks later they shipped another with a cut harness. I have spent hours on the phone with this crappy company, gotten cut off numerous times and still don't have a car.

It is now May 28! They don't return phone calls and won't let you speak to management. Right now I am on hold waiting for a representative. I don't know how they stay in business.

I have been lied to since the beginning of this terrible experience. They even referred me to a company called LKQ--the company who shipped the transmissions. Now I am dealing with them as well. Why do I have to do the investigative work on what is going on with my car?

On top of it all, I got an email from Warranty Direct asking me to renew.

If you want to avoid stress and not take the risk of having a nervous breakdown then stay away from this awful organization. It is now May 28, more than a month after the claim was made, and there is no resolution in sight.

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LKQ is a affiliated with a self serve wrecking yard. Apparently they supply used car parts.

Warranty direct wanted the dealer to install a used part on my car.


Her "one bad experience" that lasted over a month is enough to let me know not to go through with the policy I have been offered.

Thank Sherry!!!


people can judge only based on their own experiences...


You must work for them. Every "run" I had was bad.

Got my car back and am going to have to sell it to a mechanic.

By the way, I got it back in July. Yes, horrible.


B/c of your one bad run in with them, the company is horrible? lmao

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