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UPDATE: I launched a complaint against Warranty Direct and the parent company International at BBB but they were able to out gun me in the end. The either have a web reputation department or a company they hire to respond to any of the complaints placed on the web or at the BBB.

Per the BBB, as longs as a company responds to a complaint, the BBB doesn't file the complaint and therefore doesn't affect a company system -- pretty crappy grading system the BBB has. Pretty much I gave up after responding three times because I couldn't match the resource of a company to put in the last word.

Original review posted by user May 23, 2012

I am one of many consumers that have been misled by the sales claims of Warranty Direct. I will spare the readers the details but I want to encourage the people of this board to file complaints against their parent company, Interstate National Dealer Services, at the Better Business Bureau website.

Currently, Interstate National Dealer has an A+ rating with the BBB due to the low ratio of complaints to the number of total customers served. And maybe the company does offer nine other great services but having a terrible subsidiary such as Warranty Direct should NOT make it an A+ company. The A+ BBB rating is the link uses to on their website when you click on the BBB logo at the bottom of the home of page -- highly misleading as with anything else they do their.

Let's exercise what little power we have as consumers and submit a complaint against Interstate National Dealer regarding Warranty Direct. I just submitted mine prior to posting to this board. Every that have posted or planning to post to this board should also post at BBB.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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New York City, New York, United States #615544

Do not deal with Warranty Direct- they make it easy to take your money, IE no interest payments....but when you have a claim they are a NIGHTMARE....and will not pay out a dime..

Lesson learned the hard way....hope I spare you grief I went thru with them. Jan 2013.


There are a few reasons that they are rated good. For one, they change names.

If you file a complaint, it may go to a parent in Texas or Ohio. So the company in NC stays safe. But the main reason is that mist people don't have access to the tools they have.

They may say you failed to get a service done at 60k, but the book says that normal use vehicles don't require it until 90k. So claims are denied with no rebuttal.


I have a 1999 Bmw with $ 4500 repair we are in dispute to have them to honor this claim

you can bet that my lawyer will be on the top of this.& guest what.. I purchased the Powershield enhanced coverage with 0'zero deductible.I am so hurt & will fight warranty direct until they do the right thing and fix that noise from my engine timing & valve cover housing((need all help that I can get

to Don Pittsburg, California, United States #595761

Don, I assume your issue is a failure of the Continuously Variable Transmission or CVT? Contact the parent company


I do know BBB Is not a relaible source for alot of people. Anyone can use the symbol and get away with it!

It is totally Legal to do this.


Thanks. I will be sure to lodge my complaint there also. I will also be encouraging all other complaints on this board to submit their complaints to the separate BBB rating so that you can properly respond to it.


Again you are misleading. A+ rating with BBB is for Interstate National Dealers Service which conducts other businesses than just Warranty Direct.

I am sure if Warranty Direct was rated on its own it would get a much lower grade.

Update to original complaint: Maybe they got the notice from my complaint with BBB but a part price change was approved after it was initially denied.

After my car was repaired last week, my dealer did mention that although the customer service was sketchy the payment process they had was very efficient. Nonetheless, I asked him to name his top three warranty company (since he's the one submitting the claims) besides the one they carry and Warranty Direct did not make the cut.


There's a reason we have a low rate of complaints and thus an A+ rating with the BBB for over 30 years.

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