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I paid for a zero deductable 7 year, 100,000 mile extended warranty coverage, on a BMW 530 in 2005. I have a transmission leak that requires special refill of a select ATF fluid, plus filter, pan and gasket.

Warranty direct only approved the labor, gasket and $30 of the fluid. The fluid costs $320. Warranty Direct states that they only fund for after market parts. So.....

if they feel they are the experts, a cheaper fluid will be put in and looks like a new transmission will have to be installed after some 10,000 miles.

I paid $2,515 for the warranty. I have to pay, out of my pocket, to get unit properly repaired of approx $562.00, WD is paying only $365. This is a zero deductable policy?

WASTED MONEY.....!!! I am glad my family/friends held off a few months from buying Warranty Direct's product, because its a thumbs down product.

Monetary Loss: $562.

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So you decided to buy a warranty, believing that it would give you piece of mind. Hasn't turned out that way.

After market parts are all these scam companies like Warranty Direct will cover, and as you have found out they can easily refuse to cover any repair that they feel like, meaning that the warranty itself is essentially garbage.

You would have been far better off not buying any warranties and paying for any repairs yourself (out-of-pocket) at your quality repair shop with OEM parts. While costly, it will save you a lot of aggravation and you won't be ripped off.


After I got the contract in the mail, I noticed that I had to have a commercial shop service my vehicle for this warranty to be good,so I called them up and tried to cancel but the salesman Anthony insisted that that was just for repairs to be done. I was *** enough to believe him at the time. Don't mess with this company!

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