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I may be due a refund from Warranty Direct based on how much of the warranty that I paid for versus the term/miles that have expired. Their representative Calvin Belton says that it will take 3 - 4 weeks plus an additional 24-72 hours to determine/process my refund.

I'm so sick of it taking a month for these companies to determine and then process money back to us. To begin these warranty contracts they draft the down payment immediately, but if any funds are due back to us, we are required to wait...until they get around to it...and then process it...and then send it back to us.

Why do we tolerate it?

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The 3-4 week quote from our customer service representatives is based on the time you as the customer calls in and requests to cancel. It includes waiting for the form to be faxed/mailed in, as well as processing the cancellation by our finance department. It usually takes less time that that.I believe your refund occurred in a little over about 2 weeks.

Regarding your question about claims being removed from your refund amount. Yes, that is correct. However, if we pay out claims in excess of what you paid into your policy or what your policy originally cost we don't request that you pay us the difference.

That's the nature of vehicle service contracts. You are covered for eligible repairs from when your policy is active. If you put away money into a savings account to save for repairs, you could end up putting repair costs on a credit card if you don't yet have enough to cover the amount of the repair.


For that time frame it sounds like you did a checking account EFT. We often do not have access to credit back to bank accounts and have to send out a paper check.

Paying by credit card eliminates this constraint.

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