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I have a policy with Warranty Direct who have decided to bounce my claim on the grounds that the component failed due to wear and tear and not as a result of mechanical failure. The manufacturer of my car, BMW claim that the failure is due to a mechanic failure and NOT wear and tear, yet at this stage they refute to budge! They are now making un reasonable and unfair requests for further investigation to be carried out presumably at my expense. There mechanic has already seen my car but they want the part taken out and stripped so they can look at it again. I believe that this will end up in court and if anyone has had similar issues and think that they could help then please e-mail me.

If anyone has or is in court with Warranty Direct I'd really like to hear from you if legally possible. Also anyone who may have had them reject a claim and then have won the fight against them.

My e-mail is

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Hurley, New York, United States #276435

What's your policy #. I'd be interested in looking into your complaint officially.

(and yes I post this to a lot of complaints here because the posts are either not legit posted by our competitors or we have no way of contacting the member because they post no contact info)


Similar situation has happened to me as well with my BMW. I had taken in my BMW to the dealer for an oil change when doing the oil change the mechanic noticed that the left cv boot was cut I was told to replace the left axle when the claim was made warranty direct refused approval they said it was my fault that I did not notice it earlier I don't know how am I suppose to notice it?

Am I supposed to get under my car every day to look at what's going on?

This shows you just another tactic by this bad company to scam the consumer. If someone files a class action against them I will join as well


Sad. The company has posted the same scripted response on multiple complaints on this site.

As a matter of fact, I received an e-mail solicitation with this exact verbage!

LOL. Get a clue, Warranty Direct.


These crooks got a good scam going. They overcharge you for a *** warranty that doesn't cover anything.

You're far better off buying mechanical breakdown insurance from your insurance company.

Warranties are a scam. Warranty Direct is no exception.

Don't buy any auto extended warranties. Got it?

Hurley, New York, United States #221291

Warranty Direct (US) offers only wear and tear policies.

A "mechanical breakdown" warranty does not offer the same coverage as a "wear and tear" warranty.

Some service contracts exclude repairs needed due to "wear and tear." However, a large number of car repairs are needed because a part wears out from a long period of use or improper maintenance, not because it was poorly built.

The more miles on a car when a repair becomes necessary, the more likely it is that the repair will be needed because a part wore out, rather than because the part broke due to poor manufacturing. Again, some service contracts do not cover parts that wear out.

Most service contracts and policies define "mechanical breakdown" as a defect in parts and workmanship as supplied by the manufacturer, or a defect that makes the part unable to perform the function for which it was designed. Service contracts that exclude wear and tear will not cover repairs needed because a part’s performance has gradually deteriorated because of normal wear and tear, unless a mechanical breakdown has occurred.

Before buying a service contract, you should carefully review what is covered and not covered to see whether wear and tear claims are excluded from coverage. If they are, you might want to consider buying a service contract that does not exclude wear and tear claims. That way, if it is not clear whether a repair is needed due to a manufacturing defect or simple wear and tear, it is more likely that the service contract company will pay for the repair. It is a mistake to assume that a repair agreement will cover every repair your car may need.

A wear and tear warranty provides much greater protection that one that solely covers mechanical breakdowns.

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