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I obtained this service in October 2010. I cancelled this service (both by phone and e-mail) in May 2011. According to their contract: " If this Contract is canceled within the first sixty (60) days if Vehicle was purchased new or thirty (30) days if Vehicle was purchased used and no claim has been filed, the entire Contract charge paid will be refunded. After sixty (60) days for new or thirty (30) days for used, or if a claim has been filed, an amount of the unearned Contract charge will be refunded according to the pro-rata method reflecting the greater of the days in force or the mileage driven based on the term of Contract and the date or miles when Coverage began. "

I paid each month and as time moved on, I paid more than the minimum amount. So why is it WHEN I HAVE NOT HAD ONE SINGLE CLAIM OR REPAIR, they REFUSE to issue me a refund? They said I "spent more than I paid."

How? I cancelled the policy before it was set to renew, on the day my final check went through. How can they claim something is "prorated" when I cancelled it beforehand? I paid for each and every month they said I was prorated and that in and of itsef doesn't make sense.

How is it that a company like this is still in business? Anyone have any idea on what I can do?

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Hi I just rang warranty direct to make a claim on my tyre whitch has a puncher they told me I must take the car to the dealer I bought the car and warranty from to confirm I had a puncher and then they would prossese the claim what a load of *** would not touch them with a barge pole :sigh


Debbie - I would tell you to stay FAR FAR AWAY! from this company.

To this date, I have NEVER received a refund check of ANY sorts from this company even though they "replied" almost a MONTH ago saying I'd be receiving it within 7-10 days. I'm sure it was all for show but they don't mean anything they say. They will just take your money. I'm not sure how sick people like this can go home and sleep on a good conscious at night.

Considering how many people they've screwed over in the past years, I'm sure having morals is NOT a high priority in their life. :(


I am considering to get a warranty from Warranty Direct, these comments I am reading are very valid to me!! Did you get your

refund Penelope?

Do you think Warranty Direct only told you that it was a mistake just because you wrote something?????? Makes a person think!!!!!!

Hurley, New York, United States #323396

Hi Penelope - I just checked with the customer service manager and it seems that they made a mistake. I apologize for that. Your check should be issued within the next 7-10 days.


I just called customer service and spoke to someone named Shamika. She said that there was nothing noted in my account about a recalculation or refund.

Hurley, New York, United States #318371

Hi Penelope - thanks for contacting us. I reached out to customer service and they have recalculated your refund.

If you have not heard from them about your correct refund amount, please call them again. Our apologies for the confusion.

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