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I have been shopping around for an extended warranty for 2008 BMW 3 series. The first of the year I spoke with Aerial (x610) and felt that your company was going to get my business. I arranged with Aerial to speak again the first of April since my dealer warranty would not end until May 30, 2012. Unfortunately, Aerial is no longer in the sales organization and I was referred to Samantha (x649).

My first encounter with Samantha was ok and spoke in depth with her about the different plans and got a few quotes from her. I am a consumer that researches as many options as I can so that I am informed and make the best decision both financially and strategically. After all this is a big investment and requires a good relationship with me and the service provider. In my research, I found that your company's internet reputation is poor at best and even with that I felt it important for me to judge for myself. As I am aware that for every 1 complaint there are at least 4 happy customers. Not many happy customers take the time to say thanks and show their appreciation. With that said, I still made contact with you.

Samantha must be a young intern or associate with minimal customer skills. It is an assumption on my part but may be how your company trains their sales staff to perform. Today she contacted me to follow-up regarding the quote and started by saying they were running a special. I've heard that for the third time, yet I have never received a specific quote that included the special. Anyway, once I was able to speak through her sales pitch, I indicated that I had selected a different option and thanked her for calling me back.

Here's a recap of the rest of the conversation:

Samantha: "Then I'm sure you will have lesser coverage than what we can provide."

Lorraine: "No I have reviewed the final contract and in fact it is comparable."

Samantha: "That's what they told you right?"

Lorraine: "No that's what I have in a contract in front of me."

Samantha: "Well good luck with that."

And then proceeded to hang up on me.

Until today's call, I would have recommended to anyone that asked that they include your company in their search for a provider. Not anymore. Samantha did not lose this sale but she lost you any future sales based on referrals. In the event that you care, you may want to dissuade your sales associates to stay away from trashing the competition. It seems desperate and gives the customer a sense of concern. It would be best to highlight the good that your company has to offer.

I contacted Samantha after she hung up on me but she did not answer (screening her calls). I let her know that this email was being sent and that I would now be one of the individuals that posts my experience on the internet.

What an unfortunate situation for your company. Good luck with your future hiring and training programs. It goes a long way for the company's profits/losses.

Review about: Warranty Direct Customer Care.

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Kendra, I went with Mercury Insurance Group. They provide you a copy of the contract and a quote prior to collecting any money.

You will be given about 48 hours to review and commit or that quote is rescinded.

The BMW repair shop that I have decided to take my car to instead of the dealers told me this place is the best when it comes to paying them and also approving every repair. Hope this helps!


Please tell me what is the name of the company you decided to go with??


Thanks for posting your feedback. If you can contact customer service with your email address we can review this: (800) 621-2783

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