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I have a bumper to bumper warranty with Warranty Direct that was not cheap and I never used or made a claim on until now! When I took it to a national GM dealership because I thought the starter was going and the transmition had been slipping,the dealership found that it was not my starter and just my battery, but the story really starts here, the dealership found through a road test and a computerized test that there was something definitely wrong with my transmission. Then my service rep called Warranty Direct they said yes they do cover transmissions but I have to approve 900 more in diagonistics so they can find out what is really wrong before they will approve the claim.

After this was done they found that there was clutch material in my transmission fluid and the dealership said this was due to leaky seals so Warranty Direct sent out an adjuster and when they did he came out and took pictures of everything and agreed with the dealership that there was something wrong and it needed to be replaced. But then when he sent his report back to Warranty Direct it somehow changed to "he found nothing wrong with the transmission"! When I asked Warranty Direct to send me a copy of his findings they responded "we can't send that to you" I asked "why not" the lady on the phone responded "uh, uh, we just dont"! They just kept giving me the run around everyone that you speak to has a different reason why they would not cover the repair. One supervisor even told my service rep "there is abnormal clutch material but its still not enough reason for us to cover this claim"!

Warranty Direct said that I could send out another adjuster for just an additional 90 as if they would not alter his findings as they did the last adjuster. DO NOT EVER DO BUSINESS WITH WARRANTY DIRECT! You will never get any staight answers out of them, they will never put anyone on the phone with any authority and ability to make any decisions!! They want you to wait until your car stops working and you are stuck on the road and put yourself in danger before they will consider honoring the warranty.

I now owe the dealership over 900 and I still dont have a working transmission, or a working vehicle for that matter! So now I am out 2,400 for a extended warranty policy that is useless and am still going to have to spend an additional 3,000 to get the transmission fixed so I can get my vehicle back!

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Leeds, England, United Kingdom #587766

Glad i looked on the web first before i decide to take out a warranty for my vehicle!!

Guess won't be with Warranty notDirect!!


Wow. Thanks for all the words of advice...I am considering purchasing a used vehicle now and want a warranty....not going to get one from Warranty Direct if 99% of their reviews are this bad.

That's really discouraging but glad I did my research!


I used to work for a warranty company back in the 80s and they never paid their claims out - so I left.


took your complaint on board and will aviod warrenty direct, cheers


Thanks for the post! Will NOT be buying from them!


***-oles they all are!PERIOD!

I will not but extended warranty for any company for that matter, they all are rip offs. Wait till everyone stops buying from them! Sad for those people who even work for these bad companies, im waiting for your cars to get lemon now and see what you do bout it.

Already sad to see a company fk up, but employees along with it??*** all i say'!

Hurley, New York, United States #323400

Hi Jimmy V.I'd like to help but need more information.

If you reply back with your policy # I'm more than happy to have customer service look into your issue.

PS: @gazza836 Warranty Direct UK is a separate company not associated with Warranty Direct in the US.There's no relationship other than they have the same name as us.


Im so glad i looked on this site first i was about you user warranty direct for three cars and they asked for 2,800$ per car but now im not doing that,

Thanks for posting this on here wow


I work in a Jaguar specialist garage in the UK.We have started to refuse work that involves any extended warranty company.

They are all a waist of time, even if they pay out most will not pay for diagnostic work carried out even if they requested the work to be done themselves! Then they tell you they will send an assessor out but will not give a day or time so the ramp is dead until they turn up.

Also they keep you on the phone for hours when we could be getting on with other more prductive work.If a customer comes in with an extended warranty we advise them if the car is repaired with us then they will have to pay for the work themselves and they claim it back with their warranty company.

Hurley, New York, United States #276423

What's your polciy #. I'd be interested in looking into your complaint officially.

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