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Copy of complaint letter.

8th March 2011

To whom it concerns,

I purchased an extended motor vehicle policy with you in November 2010.

This was to cover my VW Passat 140, TDI Sport, Registration: ********.

I researched the web extensively and initially bought a warranty from "˜Click4Warranty', before changing my mind and opting for the more expensive warranty with you. I did this as I could not find a bad review about Warranties direct and was told that in the event of a claim, your company would "˜pay-out' in most cases.

Your sales representative was very professional and helpful to say the least, during the process of taking my hard earned money.

She assured me that the "˜extra care' policy was the best cover available and would cover my vehicle for virtually everything. This included Electrics, ECU & all other ECU'S.

In March 2011 I unfortunately realised there may be a fault with my vehicle and so following your advice, booked it into my local VW garage, which is VW Inchcape, Trench Road, Telford.

They then carried out diagnostics on my vehicle and confirmed that there were several issues.

One being a faulty boot strap and the main problem, which was a fault with the steering column.

The garage then followed procedure and rang through the claim.

To mine and the garages surprise, I was later informed that although the boot strap fault was covered, the main steering column fault was not.

I then spoke with the garage and asked them there advice on the fault itself. They advised me that there was a fault with the steering column control module (ESCL) which stands for (Electronic steering column lock). I asked them if in their opinion this would be covered under electronics or ECU's and they said "˜yes' and again confirmed that they were surprised to hear that Warranties Direct wouldn't pay out for such a fault as it clearly stated ECU's were covered in the policy documents.

I spent the next few days playing cat & mouse with Warranties Direct. The representative dealing with my claim was called Graham. I also spoke to a rather abrupt and uncooperative male called Jasper.

Over a course of several phone calls, Graham continued to stand fast by his decision stating that the fault was the steering lock itself. No amount of reasoning or logical explanation seemed to get through as I kept stating over & over that it was NOT the actual mechanical lock that was at fault, but the control module sending electronic "˜signals' to the lock which was at fault. This was backed up by all service engineers at VW.

I also have a letter from Andy WATKINS at VW (which I have enclosed a copy of), who states that during his conversations with you, Graham "˜TRIED TO STEER ME TO IDENTIFY THE STEERING LOCK AS THE FAULTY PART?' This in my opinion is a cheap trick to save your company money as I appreciate that many people would take the reps word for it and not bother to question a "˜wrong' decision.

To my knowledge, you have now received a copy of the diagnostics report (which I have also enclosed a copy of….top of page 3 of 13 highlighting fault), along with diagrams of the faulty unit.

What more can someone do to prove a valid claim?

Needless to say, I feel let down and ripped off by Warranties Direct and would strongly urge you to overturn this wrong decision.

I consider this to be a Breach of your own Terms &Conditions and fully intend to take it further if necessary. I have liaised with my Police Federation representative and also Trading Standards.

I also intend to submit a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service if not settled appropriately.

My reference with trading standards is ***********.

I would request a response to this letter within seven days of receipt or I will take further action.

Yours sincerely,

Philip Nock.

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Sorry pressed the wrong key - should have been the useful key.


I was fired from this company and have an axe to grind!


I was fired from this company and I have an axe to grind! Now I work at Manager - Transportation Logistics Center - Southeast Region, Northeast Region, and Central Region at RailAmerica. Don't do business with me.


LOL!! How convenient, WD.

You can't locate the customer, huh? Don't worry.

This customer and many other's attorneys will be in contact with you. Scammers.

Hurley, New York, United States #260170

Hi Phil - I've looked everywhere for your information and cannot find any record of you having a contract with Warranty Direct (www.warrantydirect.com). We also don't have a Graham or Jasper in our claims dept.

If you did indeed have a contract with Warranty Direct (Interstate National Dealer Services) would you contact our customer service team at 800-621-2783.


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