I had my first claim today with WARRANTYDIRECT.COM. It was for a wheel bearing hub on my 2005 Chevy van with 39K miles.

It was denied. The a-holes said it wasn't listed. They list "spindles and spindle mounts" not "hubs"

Spindles haven't been used since 1990. These dickheads.

They ripped me off for $1589.00. My little $340.00 claim was denied.

I'm filing a report with BBB for what it's worth. They have hard core sales peeps when I bought it in the office, and some $8/hr dollar an hour brats answering (denying) the claims phones.

Review about: Warranty Direct Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $1589.

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in the process of submitting a covered claim WD is trying to say that the the claim is to be denied because of a fluid leak which is totally untrue , my mechanic & i both deny that


Why do you people buy these warranties??? They'll ALWAYS find some way to extricate themselves out of paying claims.

The warranties themselves are pieces of *** because they don't cover anything and therefore aren't worth the $1600-$2600 most people pay for them. Do yourself a favor. Pay for auto repairs out of your own pocket at a quality repair shop and don't deal with these warranty thieves. Sure, if your car needs a lot of repair work it'll cost you a lot, but its money well spent.

And you'll have piece of mind.

The aggravation these warranty crooks give you isn't worth the money you think you're saving. Man, you people are fools.


im in the process of making a claim if they deny me i want to join the class action lwasuit...can some1 inform me on the how to?


im in the process of making a claim if they deny me i want to join the class action lwasuit...can some1 inform me on the how to?

Atlanta, Indiana, United States #175090

DP, I will gladly join your class action lawsuit. Although I am against these as most are money grabs, Warranty Direct needs to be put out of business as they do not treat their high paying customers as they deserve to be treated (including me, and the others out on the web)


Yep, The Customer Support reps are trained well. They will look for any excuss to deny claims. I made the mistake of authorizing a repair because I forgot that we had a Warranty Direct contract. They absolutely refused to let me talk to there superiors to see if there is anything that they could do. Like maybe negotiating to pay a percentage of the cost? The Item repaired is a covered item.

They have seem to have a smooth operating SCAM going. They take your Premium, and deny your claims.

It's a half of an insurance company. The half that takes your money.



I have complained on the BBB online yet my complain is not showing. From what I understand they pay BBB online.

All they have to do is have someone take care of the complaint on the BBB from Warranty Direct side and the complaint is no longer valid because they are BBB customer.

This is truly frustrating. What is this country coming to!


Warranty Direct is great.


Oh BTW I work for US Fidelis and I am posted this cause this is an open board.


I dont care what they are rated. This company is a SCAMMMMM!!!

I hope that noone else gives them a red cent! They take your money and deny your claims for ANY reanson they can find. Dnt waste your money because you will end up paying for their repairs out of pocket anyway. Out of all the post I have read about this comany and from my own personal experiece they deny 90% of the claims that are submitted.

Im definatley going to file a complainy with the BBB and with my states Attorney General.

I am an attorney myself and I plan start a class action suit against this company. They need to be put out of business.

Hurley, New York, United States #85530

Warranty Direct (Interstate National Dealer Services) is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and is a a BBB Accredited Business. What happened when you complained?

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