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This company is terrible. They trick you into buying their coverage over other companies because they give you the lowest quotes with the most coverage. The problem is they word the contract very shady.

I called in 5 claims- every single one was denied!

I eventually canceled it and took a $600 loss (in only 5 months)

The total for my coverage was $2,800 policy but it wasnt worth wasting more money with them.

My first claim was to get my car towed to the dealer once the overheating light came on- I called and they said they would pay the first $45 (which is on the contract). I would have to cover the rest. They chose who they send out and I have to pay their negotiated rates- which is $90. So they cover half and I have to pay the other $45. I asked if I could find my own tow guy who will do it for $45, and they refused. They said you can save the invoice and we can reimburse you if its approved but there's no guarantee. This is where I started to doubt the warranty.

2nd time was because my ignition coil needed replacing. Now almost every single part in the engine is covered in the details except the word "coil" because its not directly stated- they denied. I asked "isnt coil part of the engine" and they said it is but since its not listed directly they wont cover it.

3rd- I had a check engine light on. Coverage says they will cover only 1 hour of this. The mechanic told me to diagnosis they will need 3 hours to do a tear down since they were getting a code from inside the engine. Warranty direct refused and said I would have to pay for this.

4rth- I needed an o2 sensor- I had bought the extra coverage for emissions for another $200. They denied this also because of my check engine light. They said the check engine light is still on so they don't know if the o2 sensor is bad or engine. They woudlnt pay for me to find out either. My obd2 sensor stated it was o2 but they woudl'nt buy it. They speak with you very nicely and are friendly but the minute you have a claim, they will NOT pay. I learned from this experience that I would never do business with this company ever again and I want to let everyone out there know to beware of this fraudulent company. It's a scam and they just want your money. Best to get a warranty through your dealership and save the headaches in my opinion.

Review about: Warranty Direct Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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