Just had to respond to some of the complaints here, I have just used this company and had no bother whatsoever. They accepted the work, Track Rod End and Rear Bearing replacement without a moan, all it cost me was the £50.00 excess which I are more than happy with.

You sure some of you guys are not trying to pull a fast one on them and getting caught out, hence the sour grapes ??.

I only hope that they will accept taking on my car for another year as it will be over 90K miles when due. Here's hoping.

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honda taken to dealer for excessive oil consumption. Dealer informs me car is under a recall and repairs are made under warrenty.

Car continues to use oil excessively. Dealer checks engine and determines the engine needs replacement Honda agrees to replace engine withmy participation costing me several hundred dollars.Warrenty directs tells memydealeqr must make the call to them. dealer calls and Sarrenty direct tells dealer they will of participate because the repairs were made before they were contacted.notso the car engine was checked not repaired or replaced at that point (still is not replaced).Second call they tell me they will not participate because I did not maintain the car properly causing damage to the engoneq heads,despite my assurance the auto had the oil hanged regularly. Seems warrenty Directdoesnotappreciatethey are not going to have to payforacomplete new engine since Honda is paying the vast majority of the cost.

Seems Warrenty Direct is neglecting the terms of my contract. very upsetting.

I intend to send a complaint to the Tn department of Insurance. in the meantime I mustay a co op charge..I will never use them again and intend to spreadthe word to all friends and family.


Nice try Warranty Direct! You have got to be kidding!


I strongly suspect this review was planted by Warranty Direct.

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