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I submitted a claim for a replacement turbo on a citroen C4 diesel automatic, it took three weeks for them to authorise the repair and they wouldn't pay to have the system flushed, as if it isn't flushed the part warranty is void. They claimed that it took a while to reach their decision as I was still using the car and this caused delays in our communication, I can only think of a 24 hour delay that might have occurred. I then took my car to a main dealer for a service, they found it needed a new turbo clamp not a new turbo, and also a brake light switch, although these items were a fraction of the cost of a new turbo, warranty direct claimed that these parts were not covered by their warranty, so on top of my policy charge I also had to pay for the repairs, this is not what tyhey state on their tv ads.

Review about: Warranty Direct Warranty.

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