Warranty Direct has refused to consider my claim. Honda recalled my car because of a oil problem.

Took the car to the dealer and they did the required replacement. I was concerned that my engine may have been damaged . The dealer agreed to look at the engine heads and sure enough they were damaged. The dealer contacted Honda and they have agreed to replace the engine,however I will have to participate by a few hundred dollars.

the dealer called Wd and were told they will not pay the money I am being charged. I placed 2calls to Wd customer service. First call they said ?.not paying because dealer started work before there permission was given..not true..car still does not have new engine as dealer is waiting for parts..second call they said not paying because of maintenance negligence . Not true I am deligent on scheduled maintenance.

I plan to send all my info to TN dept of Ins. maybe that will aid in keeping this *** game out of Tn. do intend to spread the word to friends and family.

my advise is save your money and avoid Warranty Direct. The supervisors do not take complaint calls hmm wonder why???

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Pastor Phil
Shatura, Moscow, Russian Federation #443901

Warrant Direct is a rip off and so is Aamco Transmissions on FM 1960 and Ella in Houston, TX. Robert works with Warranty Direct to have your claim denied. Watch out for these two companies.


Absolute disgrace.. This company is only too happy to take your money but they will find a way to not pay out using the most obscure part of the contract.

Technically legal it may be but a borderline scam would be another way of putting it. They wouldn't pay out on an ABS problem I had on some point or other and I will never ever use them again.


dont go to warranty direct cos my car got a turbo engine problem and its actually covered to my policy, i did also double check with my sales consultant too but end up the claim department told me that my car turbo engine's not covered it. so dont waste your money on warranty direct if your car has problem they just finds loads of reason to refuse your claim.

Hurley, New York, United States #414446

What is your contract #? I'd like to review your claim.

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