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I admit I was also scammed by Warranty Direct after paying $1400 for a drivetrain warranty for a used truck I purchased a few years ago. They did cover a small repair for $200, but when I had two more expensive repairs needed (over $1000) and they gave my car repair facility (and me) the run around for several weeks - and then just made up excuses why they would not pay to fix both items that failed and are on my listed of covered components (rear differential and exhaust manifolds).

I have never had a company just flat out refuse to honor a writen contract that I paid in full. I guess they know a person will not go to small claims court over something like this since I live in another state. I am positive I would win if I could take them to small claims. Also it is not worth it to hire a lawyer for $1400.

I guess I learned an important lesson.

I wish I had started listening to Clark Howard before I was scammed by Warranty Direct - he always states you should never buy a car warranty from anyone except the car manufacturer because they rarely pay. He is right.

Review about: Warranty Direct Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $3500.

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Dalefosnaugh - what is your policy # ?


I just looked at a contract from them. It lists their company as Atleast four different names in Ohio, New York, Chicago and Charlotte. No wonder the BBB can't nail them down to get a fair evaluation.


Don't get a lawyer. Call or go on line to your state insurance commissioner.

He decides if they are allowed to work in your state.

They took less than 24 hours to shoot a message to the company. We will see.

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